Allycia Hellen Rodrigues: The Brazilian Sensation Rising in the World of Muay Thai.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues

If you haven’t heard her name yet, you’re in for a treat. Allycia is quickly becoming a notable figure in the world of Muay Thai, a sport known for its rigorous demands and intense competition. She stands out not just for her skill and determination but also for her inspiring journey from humble beginnings to becoming a champion.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues was born in Fortaleza, Brazil, on February 5, 1998. Growing up in a supportive family, she was always encouraged to pursue her interests. However, it wasn’t until her early teens that she discovered her passion for martial arts. Influenced by her father, who was an avid sports enthusiast, Allycia started training in various forms of martial arts, setting the foundation for her future career in Muay Thai.

Allycia’s path to Muay Thai wasn’t straightforward. Initially, she dabbled in different martial arts disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. However, her first encounter with Muay Thai was transformative. The sport’s unique blend of physicality and strategy captivated her. Under the guidance of local coaches and mentors, she began to hone her skills, participating in local tournaments and quickly making a name for herself.

Every athlete has their breakthrough moments, and for Allycia, several key victories in her early career marked her rise. Her transition from amateur to professional was marked by a series of impressive wins that showcased her talent and determination. Notable early titles included regional championships that positioned her as a promising contender in the international Muay Thai scene.

Fighting Style and Techniques

Allycia’s fighting style is a blend of traditional Muay Thai techniques and her unique flair. Known for her agility and precision, she often surprises opponents with her swift and decisive strikes. Her signature moves include powerful elbow strikes and knee attacks, which she executes with remarkable accuracy. This blend of technical skill and strategic prowess makes her a formidable opponent in the ring.

Allycia Rodrigues

Allycia’s list of achievements is impressive for someone so young. She has secured numerous championships, including the prestigious ONE Championship Muay Thai World Title. These victories have not only solidified her status as a top athlete but have also inspired many aspiring fighters. Highlights of her career include dramatic wins in high-stakes matches, which have become legendary among fans.

Despite her success, Allycia’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. She has faced injuries that temporarily sidelined her, as well as tough losses against seasoned opponents. However, each setback only strengthened her resolve. Allycia’s ability to bounce back from adversity is a testament to her mental toughness and dedication to her craft.

To maintain her peak physical condition, Allycia follows a rigorous training regimen. Her daily routine includes intense cardio, strength training, and sparring sessions. Nutrition is also a key component, with a diet tailored to optimize performance and recovery. Beyond physical training, Allycia places a strong emphasis on mental preparation, using techniques like visualization and meditation to stay focused and calm under pressure.

Allycia’s influence extends beyond her achievements in the ring. She has become a role model for young athletes, particularly women, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can break barriers in male-dominated sports. Her success has brought greater visibility to women’s Muay Thai, inspiring a new generation of fighters.

Promotional Debut inONE Championship and Stunning Victory.

Rodrigues made an unforgettable entrance into ONE Championship. She faced Stamp Fairtex for the ONE Super Series Atom weight Muay Thai World Championship in her debut match. Seizing the opportunity, Rodrigues delivered a career-defining performance. Her skill and determination led her to dethrone Stamp, securing the World Title she had long dreamed of.

Allycia Rodrigues ONE

Following her championship victory, Rodrigues took a break to focus on her personal life, including the birth of her first child. Her return to the ring in March 2023 marked another significant milestone. She faced interim titleholder Janet Todd, aiming to unify the divisional belts. Rodrigues emerged victorious, solidifying her status as the undisputed ONE Women’s Atom weight Muay Thai World Champion.

On September 29, Rodrigues is set to climb another mountain. She will compete against Smilla Sundell for the ONE Women’s Straw-weight Muay Thai World Title at ONE Fight Night 14 on Prime Video. This match represents Rodrigues ambition to become a two-division World Champion. A victory would etch her name in the history books, highlighting her remarkable journey and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Personal Life

Balancing her personal life with a demanding career is no small feat, but Allycia manages it with grace. Outside of the ring, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, engaging in hobbies like reading and cooking. Her support system, including her family and close friends, plays a crucial role in her success, providing the encouragement and stability she needs to excel.

Looking ahead, Allycia has her sights set on further accomplishments in Muay Thai. She is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to defend and earn titles. Beyond her fighting career, she aspires to mentor young athletes and promote the sport of Muay Thai globally. Her long-term goals include establishing her own training academy and engaging in community outreach programs.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues is not just a fighter; she is a trailblazer in the world of Muay Thai. Her impact on the sport is profound, and she is highly regarded by fans and peers alike. As she continues to push boundaries and achieve new heights, her legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of fighters.

In the digital age, Allycia has embraced social media to connect with her fans and share her journey. Her engaging posts and candid interviews offer a glimpse into her life and career, strengthening her bond with supporters. Her media presence also helps promote Muay Thai to a broader audience, showcasing the sport’s intensity and beauty.


Allycia Hellen Rodrigues’s journey from a young enthusiast to a Muay Thai champion is nothing short of inspirational. Her dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport have earned her a place among the greats. As she continues to compete and inspire, her legacy will leave a lasting impact on Muay Thai and beyond.


Q1. What inspired Allycia to start Muay Thai?

Allycia was inspired by her early interest in martial arts and the influence of her sports-enthusiast father. Her passion for Muay Thai grew as she trained and competed locally.

Q2. How does Allycia prepare for a fight?

   Allycia’s preparation includes a rigorous training regimen, a specialized diet, and mental conditioning techniques such as visualization and meditation to stay focused and calm.

Q3. What are some of Allycia’s signature moves?

Allycia is known for her powerful elbow strikes and precise knee attacks, which she executes with remarkable accuracy and agility.

Q4. How has Allycia impacted women’s sports?

Allycia has become a role model for young female athletes, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can break barriers in male-dominated sports like Muay Thai.

Q5. What are Allycia’s plans for the future?

Allycia aims to continue competing at the highest levels, mentor young athletes, and promote Muay Thai globally. She also aspires to establish her own training academy and engage in community outreach programs.