A good team is the heart of any Muay Thai gym.


Owners Muay Thai Gym
Michal Harasymowicz
Victoria Dick
Our whole life is about sports.

Michal Harasymowicz began practicing Japanese Ju-Jitsu at a young age, where he instantly attained a brown belt under the tutelage of famous instructor Piero Rovigatti, and then switched to Muay Thai to hone his skills.

Victoria Dick has done winter sports all her life – and swam a lot. At the age of 20, she started Crossfit intensively – and later Muay Thai.

We found our shared passion and started our career in 2021, where we followed our passion for martial arts and developed 

Mai Karon Muay Thai. Since then, Mai Karon has become one of the most professional locations in Phuket and is the only gym on Karon Beach with partnerships in Europe.


Head Coach Wit 

Real name: Mr. Wissanu Sukkarn 

Wit was fighting under name: Atid Wisanalek Sor Thantip 

(Luk Ban Yai Boxing Camp)  

He was a 118-pound champion of the Rajadamnern Standard Boxing Stadium Bangkok and Siam Thai Rath TV Boxing Stadium Champion.

He was preparing and building fighters at the Kiatsongrit Chinko Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok for the Rajadamnern Champion and the Siam Thai Rath TV Boxing Stadium.

Wit started Muay Thai Boxing when he was 9 years and was fighting 350 times.

He is the perfect coach to make your skills more professional, he is also preparing our fighters and give the best presentation and support before and during your fight.

coach Mas

Coach Has

Mr. Romad Buachey

He is a former former boxing legend in Thailand. Romad started his career when he was 10 years old. He has over 157 fights. 

Win: 109 fights

Lost: 48 fights

He was fighting in Singapore and Om Noi boxing stadium. His fights were often televised live on Thailand’s famed Channel 7. His entire family is focused on Muay Thai from his father to him and his son. As a young fighter himself, he won many awards not only in Thailand but also in abroad. 

TUR staff

Mrs. Aumaporn

Nickname TU is the first person you will see when you come to Mai Karon Muay Thai.

No matter what you need, she is your contact for all concerns, wishes and complaints and take care of your well-being.
Muay Thai has fascinated Du since she was a little child. 

Robert McKnee

Mixed Martial Arts

Started training Mixed Martial Arts at 18 in England.

After spending two years training MMA in England, I started looking for somewhere to raise my level. Thailand turned out to be the logical destination. A country where combat sports are considered an everyday occurrence. In between MMA training in Thailand, I attended The Muay Thai trainings to gain more experience.

I found Muay Thai as a new passion and this awakened the warrior spirit in me. I got to know the Thai national sport Muay Thai (Thai boxing), which turns the body into an incredibly effective weapon – dangerous for the opponent in the ring and optimal for one’s own safety.

Muay Thai:

I have a record of 17 wins 11 loss and 1 draw in Muay Thai.