Ramon Dekkers: The Diamond of Muay Thai

Ramon Dekkers, a name synonymous with greatness in the world of Muay Thai, left an indelible mark on the sport. Known as “The Diamond,” his career is a testament to dedication, skill, and an unyielding fighting spirit. But what makes Ramon Dekkers a legend? Let’s delve into his life and legacy to understand why he remains an icon in martial arts.

Early Life and Background of Ramon Dekker's

Ramon Dekkers was born on September 4, 1969, in Breda, Netherlands. From a young age, he displayed a passion for physical activities, often participating in various sports. Dekkers’ journey in martial arts began with Judo and Boxing. However, it wasn’t long before he found his true calling in Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing. Under the guidance of his stepfather and coach, Cor Hemmers, Dekkers started training intensively in this traditional martial art. At just 12 years old, Dekkers began his Muay Thai training. His transition from traditional boxing to Muay Thai was seamless, showcasing his adaptability and natural talent for the sport. His early years in Muay Thai laid the foundation for an illustrious career.

The Rise of a Champion

Dekkers’ professional debut came at the age of 16. His early fights quickly established him as a formidable opponent in the ring. He won several local and national tournaments, catching the eye of the international Muay Thai community.

One of Dekkers’ first significant victories was against the experienced Thai fighter, Nokweed Davy. This win catapulted him into the spotlight, proving that a Western fighter could compete and excel against Thai opponents in their own sport.

Unique Fighting Style

Dekkers was known for his aggressive and relentless fighting style. Unlike traditional Muay Thai fighters who relied heavily on kicks and clinches, Dekkers brought a unique blend of Western boxing techniques and powerful leg strikes. His approach was not only effective but also highly entertaining to watch. Dekkers’ training regimen was intense and disciplined. He trained six days a week, incorporating a mix of cardio, strength training, and sparring. His dedication to training was a key factor in his success.

Key Techniques and Signature Moves

Some of Dekkers’ signature moves included his devastating left hook and powerful low kicks. He was also known for his ability to absorb and counter strikes, making him a resilient and unpredictable fighter. Many modern Muay Thai fighters credit Dekkers for his influence on their fighting styles. His blend of Western and Thai techniques has become a model for fighters looking to diversify their skill sets.

Memorable Matches

One of Dekkers’ most memorable matches was against Coban Lookchaomaesaitong. The pair fought multiple times, with each bout being a display of skill, heart, and sheer willpower. These fights are often cited as some of the best in Muay Thai history. Throughout his career, Dekkers faced many notable opponents, including legendary fighters like Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke and Orono Por Muang Ubon. Each fight added to his reputation as a fearless and skilled warrior. A defining moment in Dekkers’ career was his victory at Lumpinee Stadium, the mecca of Muay Thai. Winning in Thailand, especially at such a prestigious venue, was a monumental achievement for a Western fighter.

Major Championships

Dekkers won numerous titles throughout his career, including multiple world championships in various weight classes. His accolades include WPKL World Champion and IMTF World Champion, among others. Dekkers set several records during his career, including being the first foreigner to be named “Fighter of the Year” in Thailand. His record of wins against Thai champions remains impressive to this day. In addition to his championship titles, Dekkers received numerous awards and honors, such as the prestigious “King of Thailand’s Birthday” event winner, further solidifying his legacy in the sport.

Dekkers played a crucial role in changing the perception of Western fighters in Muay Thai. Before his success, Western fighters were often seen as inferior to their Thai counterparts. Dekkers’ victories demonstrated that skill and heart transcended nationality. Dekkers’ exciting fighting style and international success helped popularize Muay Thai outside of Thailand. He inspired countless fighters worldwide to take up the sport, leading to its growth and global recognition.

  • Life Outside the Ring

Outside the ring, Dekkers was known for his humility and dedication to his family and friends. He led a relatively private life, focusing on his personal growth and relationships. Dekkers maintained close ties with his family, particularly his stepfather Cor Hemmers, who was also his coach. His friends and fellow fighters often spoke of his loyalty and kindness. Like all athletes, Dekkers faced personal challenges, including injuries and the pressures of maintaining his status as a top fighter. However, his ability to overcome these obstacles is a testament to his resilience and determination.

  • Transition to Coaching

After retiring from active competition, Dekkers transitioned to coaching. He dedicated his time to training the next generation of fighters, imparting the knowledge and skills he had acquired over his career. Dekkers coached several notable fighters, many of whom went on to achieve significant success in Muay Thai and other martial arts. His impact as a coach was as profound as his career in the ring. Dekkers believed in hard work, discipline, and respect. His coaching philosophy emphasized these values, teaching his students to approach both training and life with dedication and integrity.

  • Documentaries and Interviews

Dekkers’ life and career have been the subject of several documentaries and interviews. These media pieces highlight his achievements and provide insight into his personality and approach to the sport.

Throughout his career, Dekkers made numerous media appearances, including television shows and sports programs. These appearances helped increase his popularity and brought more attention to Muay Thai. Several books and articles have been written about Dekkers, chronicling his journey from a young fighter in the Netherlands to a Muay Thai legend. These publications serve as a testament to his lasting impact on the sport.

Health Struggles

In his later years, Dekkers faced several health issues, including heart problems. Despite these struggles, he remained active in the Muay Thai community, continuing to coach and mentor fighters.

Dekkers’ final years were marked by his continued involvement in Muay Thai. He remained a respected figure, sharing his knowledge and passion for the sport until his untimely passing.

Ramon Dekkers passed away on February 27, 2013. His death was a significant loss to the Muay Thai community. Tributes poured in from around the world, celebrating his contributions and remembering his legacy.


Who was Ramon Dekkers?

Ramon Dekkers was a Dutch Muay Thai fighter known for his aggressive fighting style and significant impact on the sport. He is celebrated as one of the greatest fighters in Muay Thai history.

What was Ramon Dekkers’ fighting style?

Dekkers’ fighting style was a blend of Western boxing techniques and traditional Muay Thai. He was known for his powerful low kicks and devastating left hook.

How did Ramon Dekkers influence Muay Thai?

Dekkers influenced Muay Thai by changing the perception of Western fighters and popularizing the sport globally. His innovative techniques and fighting spirit continue to inspire fighters.

What are some of Ramon Dekkers’ most famous fights?

Some of Dekkers’ most famous fights include his bouts against Coban Lookchaomaesaitong and victories at Lumpinee Stadium. These matches are celebrated for their skill and intensity.

How is Ramon Dekkers remembered today?

Ramon Dekkers is remembered as a Muay Thai legend. His legacy is celebrated through various commemorations, and his influence continues to inspire future generations of fighters.

Anatoly Sladkiy

Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin

Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin is a name that resonates powerfully in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). With his impressive record and charismatic personality, Malykhin has captured the attention of fight fans worldwide. This article delves into the life, career, and legacy of this remarkable fighter, exploring what makes him stand out in the competitive arena of MMA.

Born in Russia, Anatoly Malykhin grew up in a setting that fostered resilience and strength. His childhood was marked by a keen interest in physical activities, particularly those that tested his limits. This early passion laid the foundation for his future in combat sports. Malykhin’s journey into the world of martial arts began with wrestling and boxing. These disciplines provided him with a robust foundation, honing his skills and preparing him for the multifaceted challenges of MMA. His transition to professional fighting was a natural progression, driven by his competitive spirit and love for the sport.

MMA Career Beginnings

Malykhin’s entry into professional MMA was nothing short of spectacular. His initial fights showcased his raw talent and relentless drive. Despite facing several challenges, he quickly established himself as a formidable opponent, earning respect and recognition in the MMA community.

As Malykhin continued to compete, his skill set evolved, and so did his reputation. He secured several key victories, each fight further solidifying his status as a top contender. His unique fighting style, characterized by explosive power and strategic acumen, set him apart from his peers.

Throughout his career, Malykhin has been part of several memorable matches that have captivated audiences. His rivalries with other top fighters have added a dramatic edge to his career, making his fights must-watch events. These bouts not only tested his abilities but also showcased his growth as a fighter.

Fighting Style and Skills

Malykhin’s fighting style is a blend of technical prowess and brute strength. He is known for his powerful striking, effective grappling, and strategic versatility. This combination makes him a well-rounded fighter capable of adapting to various opponents and situations. To maintain his peak physical condition, Malykhin follows a rigorous training regimen. His daily routine includes a mix of strength training, cardio, technical drills, and sparring sessions. Under the guidance of experienced coaches and alongside skilled training partners, he continuously hones his skills.

Anatoly Sladkiy Malykhin

Diet plays a crucial role in Malykhin’s performance. He follows a carefully planned nutritional regimen that includes balanced meals rich in protein, healthy fats, and essential vitamins. Supplements also play a part in his diet, helping him recover and maintain energy levels. Beyond physical training, Malykhin places significant emphasis on mental preparation. His psychological approach involves techniques like visualisation, meditation, and positive reinforcement. These practices help him stay focused, calm, and ready to face any challenge in the octagon.

Achievements and Titles

Malykhin’s career is decorated with numerous titles and awards. His achievements include major championship wins and setting impressive records in various promotions. Each accolade is a testament to his skill, dedication, and perseverance.

At ONE Friday Fights 22 in June 2023, Anatoly Malykhin finally faced off against Bhullar in a highly anticipated grudge match for the undisputed ONE Heavyweight MMA World Title. Malykhin dominated the fight, overpowering Bhullar and securing another TKO victory after three rounds. Malykhin further cemented his legacy in March 2024 at ONE 166: Qatar. At this historic event, he once again defeated De Ridder, this time claiming “The Dutch Knight’s” middleweight title. This victory made Malykhin the first-ever three-division MMA World Champion in any major organization.

Anatoly Malykhin’s impact extends beyond his fight record. He is an influential figure in the MMA community, inspiring upcoming fighters and contributing to the sport’s growth. His legacy is marked by his contributions inside and outside the ring, and his aspirations continue to drive him toward new goals.

Personal Life and media

Outside of the octagon, Malykhin leads a balanced life. He values his family and maintains close relationships with his loved ones. In his downtime, he enjoys hobbies such as outdoor activities and exploring new interests, which provide a healthy counterbalance to his intense training schedule.

Malykhin’s charisma and approachability have earned him a positive public image. He actively engages with his fans through social media, sharing insights into his life and career. His media appearances and interviews further highlight his personality and philosophy, endearing him to a broader audience.


Q1 What is Anatoly Malykhin’s fighting style?

Anatoly Malykhin employs a blend of powerful striking, effective grappling, and strategic versatility, making him a well-rounded and adaptable fighter.

Q2 How did Anatoly Malykhin start his MMA career?

Malykhin began his journey in martial arts with wrestling and boxing, eventually transitioning to professional MMA where he quickly made a name for himself.

Q3 What are Anatoly Malykhin’s most notable achievements?

His achievements include major championship wins and setting impressive records in various promotions, highlighting his skill and dedication to the sport.

Q4 How does Anatoly Malykhin train for fights?

Malykhin follows a rigorous training regimen that includes strength training, cardio, technical drills, and sparring, guided by experienced coaches and training partners.

Q5 What are Anatoly Malykhin’s future goals?

Malykhin aims to continue competing at the highest levels, securing more titles and further cementing his legacy in the world of MMA.


Allycia Hellen Rodrigues: The Brazilian Sensation Rising in the World of Muay Thai.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues

If you haven’t heard her name yet, you’re in for a treat. Allycia is quickly becoming a notable figure in the world of Muay Thai, a sport known for its rigorous demands and intense competition. She stands out not just for her skill and determination but also for her inspiring journey from humble beginnings to becoming a champion.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues was born in Fortaleza, Brazil, on February 5, 1998. Growing up in a supportive family, she was always encouraged to pursue her interests. However, it wasn’t until her early teens that she discovered her passion for martial arts. Influenced by her father, who was an avid sports enthusiast, Allycia started training in various forms of martial arts, setting the foundation for her future career in Muay Thai.

Allycia’s path to Muay Thai wasn’t straightforward. Initially, she dabbled in different martial arts disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. However, her first encounter with Muay Thai was transformative. The sport’s unique blend of physicality and strategy captivated her. Under the guidance of local coaches and mentors, she began to hone her skills, participating in local tournaments and quickly making a name for herself.

Every athlete has their breakthrough moments, and for Allycia, several key victories in her early career marked her rise. Her transition from amateur to professional was marked by a series of impressive wins that showcased her talent and determination. Notable early titles included regional championships that positioned her as a promising contender in the international Muay Thai scene.

Fighting Style and Techniques

Allycia’s fighting style is a blend of traditional Muay Thai techniques and her unique flair. Known for her agility and precision, she often surprises opponents with her swift and decisive strikes. Her signature moves include powerful elbow strikes and knee attacks, which she executes with remarkable accuracy. This blend of technical skill and strategic prowess makes her a formidable opponent in the ring.

Allycia Rodrigues

Allycia’s list of achievements is impressive for someone so young. She has secured numerous championships, including the prestigious ONE Championship Muay Thai World Title. These victories have not only solidified her status as a top athlete but have also inspired many aspiring fighters. Highlights of her career include dramatic wins in high-stakes matches, which have become legendary among fans.

Despite her success, Allycia’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. She has faced injuries that temporarily sidelined her, as well as tough losses against seasoned opponents. However, each setback only strengthened her resolve. Allycia’s ability to bounce back from adversity is a testament to her mental toughness and dedication to her craft.

To maintain her peak physical condition, Allycia follows a rigorous training regimen. Her daily routine includes intense cardio, strength training, and sparring sessions. Nutrition is also a key component, with a diet tailored to optimize performance and recovery. Beyond physical training, Allycia places a strong emphasis on mental preparation, using techniques like visualization and meditation to stay focused and calm under pressure.

Allycia’s influence extends beyond her achievements in the ring. She has become a role model for young athletes, particularly women, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can break barriers in male-dominated sports. Her success has brought greater visibility to women’s Muay Thai, inspiring a new generation of fighters.

Promotional Debut inONE Championship and Stunning Victory.

Rodrigues made an unforgettable entrance into ONE Championship. She faced Stamp Fairtex for the ONE Super Series Atom weight Muay Thai World Championship in her debut match. Seizing the opportunity, Rodrigues delivered a career-defining performance. Her skill and determination led her to dethrone Stamp, securing the World Title she had long dreamed of.

Allycia Rodrigues ONE

Following her championship victory, Rodrigues took a break to focus on her personal life, including the birth of her first child. Her return to the ring in March 2023 marked another significant milestone. She faced interim titleholder Janet Todd, aiming to unify the divisional belts. Rodrigues emerged victorious, solidifying her status as the undisputed ONE Women’s Atom weight Muay Thai World Champion.

On September 29, Rodrigues is set to climb another mountain. She will compete against Smilla Sundell for the ONE Women’s Straw-weight Muay Thai World Title at ONE Fight Night 14 on Prime Video. This match represents Rodrigues ambition to become a two-division World Champion. A victory would etch her name in the history books, highlighting her remarkable journey and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Personal Life

Balancing her personal life with a demanding career is no small feat, but Allycia manages it with grace. Outside of the ring, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, engaging in hobbies like reading and cooking. Her support system, including her family and close friends, plays a crucial role in her success, providing the encouragement and stability she needs to excel.

Looking ahead, Allycia has her sights set on further accomplishments in Muay Thai. She is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to defend and earn titles. Beyond her fighting career, she aspires to mentor young athletes and promote the sport of Muay Thai globally. Her long-term goals include establishing her own training academy and engaging in community outreach programs.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues is not just a fighter; she is a trailblazer in the world of Muay Thai. Her impact on the sport is profound, and she is highly regarded by fans and peers alike. As she continues to push boundaries and achieve new heights, her legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of fighters.

In the digital age, Allycia has embraced social media to connect with her fans and share her journey. Her engaging posts and candid interviews offer a glimpse into her life and career, strengthening her bond with supporters. Her media presence also helps promote Muay Thai to a broader audience, showcasing the sport’s intensity and beauty.


Allycia Hellen Rodrigues’s journey from a young enthusiast to a Muay Thai champion is nothing short of inspirational. Her dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport have earned her a place among the greats. As she continues to compete and inspire, her legacy will leave a lasting impact on Muay Thai and beyond.


Q1. What inspired Allycia to start Muay Thai?

Allycia was inspired by her early interest in martial arts and the influence of her sports-enthusiast father. Her passion for Muay Thai grew as she trained and competed locally.

Q2. How does Allycia prepare for a fight?

   Allycia’s preparation includes a rigorous training regimen, a specialized diet, and mental conditioning techniques such as visualization and meditation to stay focused and calm.

Q3. What are some of Allycia’s signature moves?

Allycia is known for her powerful elbow strikes and precise knee attacks, which she executes with remarkable accuracy and agility.

Q4. How has Allycia impacted women’s sports?

Allycia has become a role model for young female athletes, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can break barriers in male-dominated sports like Muay Thai.

Q5. What are Allycia’s plans for the future?

Allycia aims to continue competing at the highest levels, mentor young athletes, and promote Muay Thai globally. She also aspires to establish her own training academy and engage in community outreach programs.

Andy Hug K1

Andy Hug: The Swiss Samurai in japanese K1.

Andy Hug: The Swiss Samurai

iconic figure in the world of martial arts, particularly known for his contributions to Kyokushin Karate and K-1 kickboxing. His legacy extends far beyond his victories in the ring, impacting countless aspiring martial artists and fans worldwide.  

Andy Hug was born on September 7, 1964, in Zurich, Switzerland. Raised in a humble family, Andy’s early years were marked by a strong sense of discipline and a passion for physical activities. From a young age, Andy showed a keen interest in various sports. Athletic prowess was evident in his participation in soccer, where he displayed remarkable agility and coordination. However, it was martial arts that truly captivated his heart and soul. Journey into martial arts began at the tender age of 10 when he first encountered Kyokushin Karate. This rigorous and disciplined form of karate became the cornerstone of his martial arts career. Under the coaching of experienced instructors, Andy dedicated himself to mastering Kyokushin Karate. Relentless training, combined with his natural athleticism, quickly set him apart from his peers.

Early Tournaments and Wins

Andy’s competitive career began with local tournaments where he demonstrated exceptional skill and determination. His early victories create the way for more significant opportunities on the national and international stages. Seeking new challenges, Andy transitioned to kickboxing. This shift allowed him to showcase his versatility and adaptability as a fighter. Andy Hug’s rise to fame was marked by numerous championships and titles. Victories in prestigious tournaments like the K-1 World Grand Prix solidified his status as one of the top fighters of his time. Among Andy’s many skills; spinning back kick and axe kick became legendary. These moves, executed with precision and power, often left his opponents stunned and contributed significantly to his success in the ring.

K-1 Career

In 1993, Andy Hug joined the K-1 circuit, a premier kickboxing organisation known for its high-caliber competition. This move was pivotal in propelling his career to new heights.

Andy’s tenure in K-1 was filled with memorable fights. Opponents like Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts are still talked about today for their intensity and technical brilliance. His impact on K-1 was profound. Not only brought a unique fighting style to the organisation but also helped popularise K-1 globally through his charisma and sportsmanship.

Andy Hug

Training and Fighting Style

Andy Hug’s training regimen was as rigorous as it was unique. He combined traditional karate techniques with modern strength and conditioning exercises, ensuring he remained at the peak of physical fitness. Fighting style was a blend of Kyokushin Karate’s power and precision with the fluidity and adaptability of kickboxing. This combination made him a formidable opponent and a fan favourite.

Fighting philosophy focus on discipline, respect, and perseverance. He believed that true victory came not just from defeating an opponent but from overcoming personal limitations. His approach to training was methodical and intense. Andy emphasised the importance of mental strength alongside physical prowess, preparing himself thoroughly for every challenge. Many of Andy’s techniques, philosophy, and spirit live on through the countless fighters he inspired.

Personal Life & Health Issues

Despite his demanding career, Andy valued his family life. He was known for humility and dedication to his loved ones. Outside the ring, he enjoyed simple pleasures like playing soccer and spending time with family. The pressures and demands of a professional fighting career inevitably impacted Andy’s personal life. However, he managed to balance his professional and personal responsibilities admirably.

Like any athlete, Andy faced his share of injuries and setbacks. From broken bones to torn ligaments, these challenges tested his resilience and determination. What set Andy apart was his ability to make remarkable comebacks. Tenacity and refusal to give up, even in the face of adversity, inspired many and cemented his legacy as a true warrior. Many martial artists credit him as a source of inspiration, adopting his techniques and training philosophies in their own careers. Beyond individual fighters, Andy’s success helped elevate the popularity of martial arts globally. His charismatic personality and thrilling fights drew new fans to the sport.

Health Issues – in the later years of career, Andy faced significant health issues. Despite warrior spirit, he was diagnosed with leukemia, which eventually led to his untimely passing. Andy Hug passed away on August 24, 2000, at the age of 35. His death was a tremendous loss to the martial arts world.

Memorial Tournaments

To honor Andy’s memory, several memorial tournaments are held annually. These events celebrate his life, career, and contributions to martial arts. Commemorative events and statues in his honor serve as lasting reminders of Andy Hug’s impact. They ensure that future generations remember and appreciate Andy contributions.


Andy Hug’s story is one of determination, resilience, and excellence. From a young boy in Zurich to an international martial arts icon is a testament to his hard work and passion.


Q1 What was Andy Hug’s signature move?

Andy Hug was renowned for his spinning back kick and axe kick, both executed with exceptional precision and power.

Q2 How did Andy Hug influence K-1?

Andy Hug significantly popularised K-1 with his unique fighting style and charismatic personality, drawing a global audience to the sport.

Q3 What challenges did Andy Hug face in his career?

Andy faced numerous challenges, including serious injuries and health issues, but his resilience and determination allowed him to make remarkable comebacks.

Q4 How is Andy Hug remembered today?

Andy Hug is remembered as a martial arts legend whose techniques, philosophy, and spirit continue to inspire fighters and fans worldwide.

Q5 What was Andy Hug’s fighting philosophy?

Andy’s fighting philosophy focused on discipline, respect, and perseverance.


Jonathan Haggerty: The Rising Star of British Muay Thai

Jonathan Haggerty: The Rising Star

Jonathan Haggerty has made a name for himself in the world of Muay Thai, standing out as one of Britain’s most promising fighters. His journey from a young enthusiast to a world champion is nothing short of inspirational. Let’s delve into the life and career of this remarkable athlete. Born in the UK, Haggerty was introduced to the sport by his father, who was a seasoned competitor. Under his father’s guidance, Jonathan started training at the age of 7. By the time he was 8, he was already stepping into the ring, showcasing a natural talent for the sport. Haggerty’s early career was marked by rapid progress. He competed in numerous local and national tournaments, quickly making a name for himself. His fighting style, characterised by precision and aggression, began to take shape during these formative years.

Joining ONE Championship

In 2019, Jonathan Haggerty joined ONE Championship, one of the biggest platforms for combat sports. His debut fight was against Joseph Lasiri, where Haggerty showcased his skills and made a strong impression with a decisive victory. Haggerty’s career reached new heights when he faced Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, a legendary Muay Thai World Champion, for the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title. In a thrilling contest, Haggerty emerged victorious, capturing the title and showcasing his exceptional talent. His precise strikes and relentless energy overwhelmed Sam-A, making it a defining moment in his career. Following his championship win, Haggerty faced several challengers, each more formidable than the last. His dedication and rigorous training paid off as he successfully defended his title multiple times, solidifying his reputation as a top fighter in the sport. In a bold move, Haggerty decided to step up to a higher weight class. This decision was driven by his desire to challenge himself and achieve new milestones in his career. The transition required intense preparation and training to adapt to the increased competition level.

Victory Over Nong-O Hama

One of the most significant victories in Haggerty’s career came when he faced Nong-O Hama at ONE Fight Night 9. In a stunning first-round TKO, Haggerty defeated the long-time ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion. This victory not only marked his successful transition to a higher weight class but also established him as a dominant force in the sport. Looking ahead, Jonathan Haggerty has set his sights on even greater achievements. He aims to challenge ONE Bantamweight MMA World Champion Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade for the vacant bantamweight kickboxing crown. This upcoming fight, scheduled for November 3, promises to be another thrilling chapter in Haggerty’s career.

Impact on British Muay Thai

Haggerty’s success has had a significant impact on the British Muay Thai scene. He has become a role model for aspiring fighters, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can lead to international success. His achievements have also brought greater attention to Muay Thai in the UK, inspiring a new generation of athletes. Behind Haggerty’s success is a rigorous training regimen. His daily routine includes intense physical training, skill development, and strategic planning. Discipline and dedication are at the core of his approach, driving him to constantly improve and stay at the top of his game.

Personal Life

Despite his demanding career, Haggerty manages to balance his personal and professional life. He remains grounded, attributing much of his success to the support of his family and close friends. This balance helps him maintain focus and drive in both his personal endeavors and his professional pursuits.

Haggerty’s Fighting Style

Haggerty’s fighting style is a blend of precision, agility, and power. Known for his striking accuracy and ability to read opponents, he adapts his strategy to exploit weaknesses effectively. Over time, his style has evolved, incorporating new techniques and refining existing ones to maintain his competitive edge. Like any top athlete, Haggerty has faced his share of challenges. Injuries and setbacks have tested his resolve, but his determination to overcome adversity has been unwavering. His ability to bounce back stronger from each setback is a testament to his mental fortitude and commitment to the sport.


Jonathan Haggerty’s journey from a young Muay Thai enthusiast to a world champion is a story of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. His achievements in the sport have not only brought him personal success but also inspired many others. As he continues to push the boundaries of his career, Haggerty’s legacy in Muay Thai is assured.


Q1: Who is Jonathan Haggerty?

Jonathan Haggerty is a talented British Muay Thai fighter known for his remarkable achievements in the sport. He began training in Muay Thai at just 7 years old and had his first bout by the age of 8.

Q2: What are some of his notable accomplishments?

Haggerty joined ONE Championship in 2019 and made a stellar debut by defeating Joseph Lasiri. In his second bout, he defeated the legendary Sam-A Gaiyanghadao to capture the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title.

Q3: What’s the latest on his career?

Haggerty recently moved up a weight class and secured a first-round TKO victory over Nong-O Hama. He’s set to challenge Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade for the vacant bantamweight kickboxing crown in the main event of ONE Fight Night 16 on November 3, 2023.

Q4: When did Jonathan Haggerty start his professional career?

Haggerty made his professional debut in 2014, and he has consistently showcased his skills and abilities in the world of Muay Thai.



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